How to add favicon in your WordPress site

How to add favicon in your WordPress site

A favicon refers to web site icon or we can say it bookmark icon that contains short form of  Favorite Icon. Usually or naturally how you could its say, every time we start our browsing to go several URL through tabs at a time and its easy to recognize any site without reading URL text once  favicon’s are shown for each sites.

See below screenshots where every site has own favicon to distinguish themselves:


I thinks its clear how favicon looks and make them different from other sites. Now turns goes to you if your WordPress site has no favicon to show. Its pretty simple. Just follow few steps to add favicon:

Step 1: Create a icon by 16×16  and save it as a .ico file extension. (e.g: favicon.ico)

Please note: If you’re using an online service to create your favicon, such as Faviconer.com (creates 24bit favicon.ico with a transparent background, favicon.co.uk or Dynamic Drive, follow the instructions provided by the site and then download the favicon.ico image to your computer.

Step 2: Upload/Keep the favicon.ico file in theme folder.

Step 3: Open header.php file through Dashboard -> Appearance ->Editor

Step 4: Paste the below code in between <head>… </head> tag

Step: Click Update File

That’s all. Now open your site in new tab and see your favicon showing there. Still if you face problem regarding this issue just make a comment to get help. Thank you.

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