Add an IMAGE to Text Widget in WordPress site

Add an IMAGE to Text Widget in WordPress site

Sometimes we need to add an image in sidebar as per client request or any kind of reason. So the question is come out “How to add the images in the text widgets?” It may bit difficult for a non-developer to create a image-widget for sidebar but how i mentioned in here will be very easy to insert an image in your WordPress sidebar by using Text-Widget.

You may think where is Text-Widget. You can find it here:

Dashboard -> Appearance ->Widgets


[Figure: 1.0 Show Text-Widget in widgets page](click the image for large view)

Now, first of all you need to upload your required image in any post/page editor (rich area) selecting “Text Mode”. See screenshot:


Copy the entire link from this page and go to your widget page through Dashboard-> Appearance -> Widget and drag the “Text Widget” to your main sidebar. See screenshot:


[Figure: 2.0 Drag & Drop the ‘Text-Widget’](click the image for large view)

once you drop the text-widget in sidebar area, the widget automatically open to insert some text (if doesn’t open automatically click the ‘down arrow’ to open it). Now paste the link inside the Text area of that Widget. You may insert Title but it’s optional.


[Figure:3.0 insert image link to ‘Text-Widget’ area ](click the image for large view)

Once complete inserting just save the widget and go to your page and check the sidebar.


[Figure: 4.0 Front end display the Image in sidebar widget]

You can the image is shown in sidebar but the size is quite big. You can resize the image height from that text-widget where you pasted the link.

That’s all. You are done. Still if you face any problem to develop it just drop a message, we will response you as our earliest time. Thank you.

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