How to display Random Post in WordPress

How to display Random Post in WordPress

Sometimes we may need to display the random posts in Worpdress. If you do not use any plugin you just need to touch in php file page where the posts are being displayed. This random post can be applied not only default posts, it can be applied to any custom-post types also. So, just look where to change the code to be add/change for displaying random posts.


First you need to ensure which post type you want to display randomly. Then you have to open that template and paste the below one line code before starting the loop:

So you just need to change parameter value “orderby=>’rand’” which default set “orderby=>’date’”. Moreover if you use to call wp_query class then you need to set it inside your arguments:

In above example we mentioned our ‘post_type’ is “post” so if you wish to show your custom post randomly, just change the post type there. In addition, i also mentioned ‘showpost’ that is display only 1 post randomly in the loop. Maximum time people want to display single post or something link testimonial which will change each time page refresh. By this way we can make it. If still you have further issue to display post randomly just drop a comment, we will response within short time.


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