Hide HTML tags and attributes

Hide HTML tags and attributes

Sometimes WordPress developer facing a small problem to hide HTML tags and attributes which set under comment form as default WordPress system.


Figure: html-tags-attributes in comment form

This is very simple trick to hide this option from your comment form but there have two ways.

Firstly, who doesn’t touch backhand code:

  • Go to your Dashbord
  • Click Appearance -> Editor (It opens the current Stylesheet(style.css) of your theme)
  • Paste the code bottom of the editing space
    .form-allowed-tags {display: none;}
  • Click Update File

Best way, if use your custom theme

  • Open your Style-sheet.
  • Paste the code at the bottom of your css file
    .form-allowed-tags {display: none;}
  • Update the file.

That’s all. You are done.

How is it ? Pretty Simple, Right ? Still if you have any confusion, you are feel free to make comments here. We like to hear from you and ready to solve your problem.

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