Stop Trackback Spam from WordPress

Stop Trackback Spam from WordPress

If you have a WordPress blog site and there are lots of posts inside in your blog then you may face some problem about  WordPress trackback related spam. Because WordPress has the ability to receive and send pings/trackbacks from and to other sites.

There are many plugins around us to stop this trackback spam but Wodpress has their own way to stop this. There are two steps to stop Trackback Spam completely from your site.

Please follow the steps:

  • Login to your WordPress blog.
  • Go to Settings-> Discussion and then uncheck the box which says :”Allow link notifications from other blogs (pingbacks and trackbacks) ” . This won’t allow trackbacks in the new posts.


But all of your older posts still have the problem and people can spam your blog there. To disable trackback in older posts you can go to each and every post of yours and disable them ,but if you have quite a big blog like then there is a high chance that you are going to have some problems editing each and every posts. Here’s a simple solution on how it can be done in just one click.

  • Log in to your cpanel and go to phpMyadmin . Open the database of your blog and then run this query on the SQL tab :

Here, I have assumed that you are using the database prefix with ‘wp_’ for your wordpress database and if you are using any other prefix like sm_ ,then you should replace wp_ with sm_ .

The above query will help you in disabling trackbacks completely and from now on you don’t have to worry about trackback spam. So, enjoy and chill with wordpress blogging.

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