WP Dynamic Query String

WP Dynamic Query String

This plugin allows user to set dynamic query string or advertising keywords, or grab the string use in a search-engine which search from the referring page.

This/these query strings can be set anywhere in WordPress page/post body, title or widgets.

No complex method, easy to use and follows systematic ways: 1. If the VALUE available against query string it will present as a TEXT where the shortcode is. 2. If no VALUE is set then DEFAULT value will be placed :)

Just Check the KEY Features at a glance:

  •  Shortcode Enable
  •  Any keyword can be used for query string
  •  Can set anywhere in Title, Body Content, Widgets etc
  •  Have option to enable/disable for adword capitalization
  •  Organic search query (from Google, Yahoo, Bing) enabled
  •  Default TEXT can be placed if no keyword found

SHORTCODE IS : [queryword stringname=”keyword” default=”my word” capitalization=”no”]

  • use the parameter in your URL like this way : your-domain/?keyword={your-key-text}
  • If multiple shortcodes in one page the use like this way : your-domain/?keyword={your-key-text}&anotherkey={another-text}

Compatible: 4.0 or higher

Tested: Up to 4.9.1

DEMOS : http://onclickmodal.pixelomatic.com/


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